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Measuring TDS without refractometer (Introduction)

An alternative method for TDS measurement

Nowadays, coffee Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) measurement is becoming a standard for every roaster, coffee producer, competition, coffee enthusiast or researcher. Everywhere, everyone is talking about TDS, Extraction yields, and this is becoming one of the most common methods for extraction quality control. TDS is present to every coffee recipe and without it, it is considered a downside or unprofessional. Unfortunately, a refractometer for coffee can be somewhat expensive with prices starting from 200€ and reaching up to 1000€. So, this fancy instrument is not always affordable by nonprofessionals. In some countries, even the cheapest refractometer is more than a minimum monthly salary, and this is creating a huge gap between baristas from these countries and rich countries or professionals and coffee enthusiasts. For me, this is a huge negative that is pulling back people from the possibility to improve the industry.

With this post, I wanted to give an alternative to TDS refractometry measurement that could be performed without expensive equipment in the home environment.

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