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Patreon Announcement

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Moving to Patreon

With this Coffee science blog and all related projects, I'm giving all my knowledge, passion and free time for you - the coffee enthusiasts, baristas and coffee researchers. I'm performing all experiments with my own funding, and I'm not sure that I can afford it for long enough. Experiments and analytical instruments demand a lot of expensive consumables that have to be provided before measurement. My Patreon could support me to continue coffee research and could allow me to perform even more deep and ambitious coffee projects, providing you with more knowledge about our beloved coffee.

Most of the blog posts will still be freely available here but as gratitude to my Patrons, they will see the articles first and also will have access to additional content. More about the additional privileges and bonuses are already available on my Patreon page.

The funds will be used to buy equipment and consumables needed for analytical experiments. This is the only way to improve the quality and quantity of my projects. The coffee world is moving fast and I have to find a way and provide you with up to date research. This also includes that I have to be able to work with barista equipment that could contribute to the reliability and complexity of acquired data. Now on the market, we have incredible coffee researcher "tools" like Decent espresso machine, Roest, and Ikawa coffee roasters and many precise coffee grinders.

I'm also relying on my Patrons to give me feedback, suggestions, constructive criticism and improvements to the work I'm doing. I believe that together we can improve our knowledge and understand processes related to coffee even more. I'm planning to involve the Patrons in my work as more as possible, so they can truly participate and contribute to the research.

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